Overview of Cisco Jabber

Homepage Cisco Jabber

That is the homepage of the Application Cisco Jabber.
With the appropriate selection of an icon on the side you can choose your contacts (1),
your conducted chats (2), your call-list (3), the Overview for conferences (4), as well as
your voicemail (5) and your hunt groups or Pick Up Groups (6). The TUD-Icon (7) open's
the university information-page of the VoIP-Service inside Cisco Jabber. With (9) You can toggle
between the usage of Softphone or CTI and manage Your Redirections. Your Profile-Overview (9) and 
settings (10) complete the application.


Starting a phone call

Choosing Your call-list, You can search for names or dial digits of a phone number to call by pressing the green call button, marked with the red arrows.
The search-field uses the internal TUD-contacts, and, if synced, Your personal Outlook contacts.

Recommendation for using phone-numbers:
For calls inside the university use the extension without country- and area-code.
Otherwise please use the full number: +(country-code) number (without zero).
Example: +491621234567
In personal directories (personal contacts or Outlook contacts), you should always
use the international number like +49 351 458 1234 (E.164 formatted)

You can copy a phone number from any Windows application to the Jabber client using a shortcut.
Highlight the phone number with the mouse and press CTRL+Shift+J, this will copy the phone number into the dial field of Jabber.

Transfer (Forwarding) a call

Please press the green highlighted button (...), and then the yellow highlighted option "Transfer"


The the following search bar works similar to the first one where you can
search for names or type in numbers. Finaly press the green button to transfer.


Direct call forwarding

Configure a direct call forwarding by selecting the green icon.

Change from CTI- to softphone-mode.


Use the highlighted box and choose the following options:


Hosting a Conference

press the green highlighted button (...), and then the yellow highlighted option "Conference"


You will see Your participants of the phone call.
Now you can add new participants over the new added search bar (green highlighted).


After adding a participant, Jabber establishes the call (yellow highlighted).


In the meanwhile the first participant will hear music-on-hold. You can add the new call 
to a conference by pressing the green button right to his list icon

Result of a Conference:

One conference is capable to get up to 8 participants (external/internal).


Create new personal contacts / include present contact cards
in your personal adress-book / create contact groups

Create new personal contacts

A new personal contact can be created over the gear:
File > New > Custom contact


Enter Your contact details in the following menu:

There you can enter your contact details, when entering a phone number,
you are able to select out of three categories (Work phone, Mobile Phone,
Home phone). "Add to:" addes the contact to your chosen group, there
you can also create new groups.

Press "Create" to get done.



Include present contact cards in your personal adress-book

Search a contact by name and include it with the gray icon inside the search directory
(next to the blue message symbol and the call symbol) to your contacts.

the following dialog will appear:

Here you have the option to add your selected contact(s) to one of your (self created) groups,
or to create a new with "New group".
If necessary you can also add more contacts to the box with the search bar inside the box.


Voice messages (if activated / requested)

manage Voicemail

Press the Voicemail button.
Inside of this overview you are able to listen to new voicemails, and delete old ones.

If you got a Voicemail, play it with the marked "Play-button".
Usual Hints for voicemail:
You can reach your voicemail with following opportunities:

Hunt Group and Call Pickup

You can manage Your Hunt Group Status or pick a call of Your Pickup Group.

The buttons only work if you are a member of a Hunt Group or a Call Pickup Group.
(You have to request that membership extra.)