The logon name for Microsoft services is the so-called UserPrincipalName (UPN). This is changed from the previous form "<zih-login>" to the new form "<zih-login>". The logon name is linked to the respective email address of the user, but does not represent one itself.

Why is the changeover taking place?

The new logon name is required to use new services such as Microsoft Office 365. In order to avoid the complications of an individual changeover when interested in these new services and to provide all accounts with a uniform logon name, a one-time changeover of the accounts of all TUD members will take place.

Which services are affected?

When will the changeover take place?

The changeover of the UPN in the central directory service (Active Directory) takes place for the following schools on:

School Date
ING - Engineering Sciences 24.08.2022
Directorate 6 - Planning and Organisation 06.09.2022
ZUV - Central Administration 13.09.2022
University Executive Board 20.09.2022
MatNat - Science 27.09.2022
GSW - Humanities and Social Sciences 04.10.2022
BU - Civil and Environmental Engineering 11.10.2022
Medicine 25.10.2022*
everybody else 06.12.22

*was 18.10.2022

If you have activated an Microsoft 365 license in the Self Service Portal, your logon name has already been changed to the new form.

What steps are necessary on my part?

Adjustment of the email client configuration

Smooth access to email and calendar (Exchange) may require you to adjust the configuration of the email clients you use. Action is only required if the login name entered in the email client contains "msx". You can change the configuration at any time before the changeover.

In the FAQ article Find out & change login name for email retrieval you will find a short tutorial for different clients. This will also help you if you have problems on the day of the changeover or shortly after, which are probably due to the changeover (possibly messages such as: account unknown or wrong password).

Note: Logging into the Outlook Web App (OWA) does not change, it remains possible by entering the ZIH login and password.


In order to standardize the accounts in the Active Directory of the TU Dresden, changes have to be made to very many accounts. The Active Directory is a central directory that is populated with identity management data and used for various services. These include SharePoint, Exchange and also the PC pools.