1. After installing Thunderbird, you need to set up your Exchange mailbox. If no mailbox has been set up yet, you will be asked to set up your existing email address.
    You can also reach the corresponding menu by opening the "Application menu" (with the three-dash symbol at the top right of the search field), selecting the "New" entry and going to "Existing Mail account...".

  2. In the "Your full name" field, enter your name as you want it to appear to recipients. For the email address, enter your primary email address, usually in the form "firstname.lastname@[mailbox.]tu-dresden.de". (Your primary email address can be found in the profile of the Self-Service Portal in the section Email as "Primary email address"). Finally, enter the "Password". Then click on "Configure manually".

Explanatory screenshot to the previous description. The "Set Up Your Existing Email Address" page is displayed, where Thunderbird asks for your full name, email address and password. Below are the "Cancel" and "Continue" buttons, as well as an unassuming "Configure manually" link, which is marked here. You can also see an octopus with tools and a megaphone.
Thunderbird dialog for setting up an email mailbox


  1. Please enter the following data and then click "Done".
    Use "user\zihlogin" as your user name, replacing the string "zihlogin" with your own ZIH login. You will find this in the profile of the Self-Service Portal in the Account Information section as "Login user name".

    Incoming Server:

    Protocol IMAP
    Hostname msx.tu-dresden.de
    Port 993
    Connection security SSL/TLS
    Authentication method normal password
    Username user\ZIH-Login

    Outgoing Server:
    Protocol IMAP
    Hostname msx.tu-dresden.de
    Port 587
    Connection security STARTTLS
    Authentication method normal password
    Username user\ZIH-Login
Screenshot of the "Manual Configuration" window in Thunderbird with marker on the "Done" button. There are fields "Protocol", "Hostname", "Port", "Connection security", "Authentication method" and "Username" for the incoming and outgoing servers respectively. Below them are the "Re-test", "Cancel" and "Done" buttons.
Manual configuration for new mailbox


  1. Your account has now been successfully set up.

Notes for calendar integration:
Full functionality is currently only guaranteed through Outlook or OWA.
Alternatively the Davmail service is available for third-party clients for accessing the Exchange calendar.
The use of the tbsync addon for Thunderbird is not recommended due to the unsteady development.

Use shared calendars via Davmail FAQ-Link :
Access to sub-calendars via Thunderbird is currently only possible via Davmail.
The assignment of a permission of at least "folder visible", individually, descending from the mailbox root, explicitly for the respective user, is mandatory.

This procedure can be used for all types of Exchange mailboxes.
The connection string can be used equally for both clients.