Manage rooms in the BigBlueButton portal


Access the BigBlueButton portal.

BigBlueButton portal home page

Click on the Login button (1) in the upper right corner of the page and log in with your ZIH login.

Login prompt

To do so, enter your login name as listed in the Self Service Portal in the "Username" field and your password below it and confirm by clicking on "Sign in".


Conferences are managed in the BigBlueButton Portal through the room concept. Individually configurable rooms can be created with the same access link, which you can use to invite others. In addition, a code can be generated for access, which can be changed for each conference. Additional organizers can be assigned to a room so that they can also start a conference.

Create room

After the initial registration in the BigBlueButton portal, you will automatically receive your personal "Home Room", which you can also recognize by the house icon. You can create as many additional rooms for different purposes as you like.

Home Room in BBB Portal

To create a new room, click on the "Create a Room" block in the room list.

Dialog for Creating new room

This will bring up a window where you need to assign a room name in the text box (3) at the top and make room-specific settings (see below). When you have set everything appropriately, click the "Create Room" button (4) at the bottom left. You can "Cancel" the creation by clicking the button of the same name at the bottom right.

Your newly created room is now preselected and displayed in the upper area. There you can see the room name, below it the number of conferences held so far and the access data of the currently selected room. In the area below is the room list, in which each room is represented by a box, starting with a search field. Each room box contains the room name, information about the last started conference and a button to call the room actions. At the end of the list is the box with the command to create a new room. If you want to switch to another room, click on the corresponding box in the room list.

Edit room

Renaming room

When you move the cursor over the room name in the upper area, you should see the edit icon appear on it in the upper left corner.

edit room name

Either click on the edit icon or double click on the room name to activate edit mode. Type the new name in the text box and confirm by clicking outside the text box or by pressing the Enter key.


A presentation can be assigned to a room in advance so that it does not have to be uploaded during the conference. To do this, call up the room actions dropdown by clicking on the button with the three dots in the corresponding box in the room list.

Add presentation

Now select the second entry "Add Presentation". In the window that appears, you can either click on the text field or the Browse button to select a file or drag and drop the desired file from the file manager of your operating system onto the text field. Then confirm by clicking the "Use Presentation" button.

add presentation

If a presentation is already assigned to the room, it will be displayed at the top under "Current Presentation" and can be deleted by clicking on the trash can on the right or replaced by selecting a new file.

replace presentation

Please note the instructions for files in the FAQ article on presentations.

Room settingsCalling up the room settings

When creating a new room, you have access to the room settings. If you want to change them later, access them by clicking the button with the three dots in the corresponding box in the room list and selecting the first entry "Room settings".

The room settings will then open.

If you do not want to apply the changed settings, click the Cancel button at the bottom right. To apply the changes, click the "Update Room" button at the bottom left. Please note that changes to the room settings do not apply to currently running conferences.

Delete Room

Call up the room actions dropdown by clicking on the button with the three dots in the corresponding box in the room list. Now select the last entry "Delete".

Delete room

In the dialog that then opens, confirm the operation by clicking on the button "I am sure, delete this room."

Delete room

Add moderators

Rooms in the can be shared with other users of the BigBlueButton Portal. They are then able to start conferences and enter as moderators.

First, call up the room actions dropdown by clicking on the button with the three dots in the corresponding box in the room list. Now select the third entry "Manage Access", whereupon the window "Share Room Access" opens.

Manage access

After clicking on the upper drop-down menu "Select User", a text field opens in which you enter the name of the desired user. Then select one of the entries that appear below the text field.

Search in the "Share Room Access" menu

Share Room Access: added new user

As soon as you have clicked on an entry, the user will be taken over as pending (highlighted in blue) in the "Shared With" area.

Share Room Access: user already added

Users with whom the room is already shared are displayed with a white background.

Share Room Access: remove user

You can remove users by clicking the x icon on the right side, whereupon the entry will be displayed crossed out.

If you want to discard the changes made, click the "Cancel Changes" button at the bottom. Click the "Save Changes" button to apply the settings.

Received shared room

Users to whom a room has been shared will see it in their room list with a sharing icon and indication of the name of the sharing user.

Remove shared room

You can start a conference and remove an unwanted shared room from their room list, but it can only be edited and deleted by the user who created it.


Invite participants

Select the desired room in the room list so that the room is displayed in the upper area. Below the room name you will find the access link (5), which you can simply copy to the clipboard using the "Copy" button (6) to the right of it. If an access code is configured for the room, a second button (7) will appear, which you can use to "Copy Access Code".

Room with access data and start possibility

All you need to do is pass the access link and code to the desired users to invite them to the conference. After clicking on the access link, an invitation page will appear asking people without a BigBlueButton account to enter their name. Otherwise, the account name will automatically be used if the user is logged in.

If the conference is running and there is no waiting room activated, viewers will be admitted immediately. If the conference has not started yet, viewers will see a waiting notice. Organizers will see an info box with the access data in the public chat of a conference.

Start conference

After selecting the desired room in the room list, you will find the button (8) to "Start" the conference on the right. If you click this button, the conference will be started and you will be admitted automatically.

If the conference is still running because you have left it before, for example, the Join button (9) will appear instead of the Start button, which will let you rejoin the conference.