In video conferences, you can replace the background of your camera video. With services like BigBlueButton and GoToMeeting that don't offer such a feature out of the box, you can use virtual backgrounds with the help of external software.


Members of the TU Dresden can find suitable templates in the corporate design in the university's corporate design on the internal website "Templates for digital communication tools" under the item "Backgrounds for video conferencing tools".

Video conferencing services with virtual background

Virtual background with external tools

Virtual cameras are suitable for disguising and defining the background. These programs take the image of a physical webcam, process it and can output it as a new virtual device. This device is then selectable as a webcam in BigBlueButton, for example.

Please note: To distinguish between person and background, most programs rely on artificial intelligence. This means theoretically also a high computational effort on your computer. You can then use this to blur the background or have it replaced by an image.


Windows 10

Mac (untested)