Before ending a conference, you can save the chat, notes or even the whiteboard at the end of sessions, if needed.

The conference ends automatically when the booked end time is reached. 30 Minutes before the end of the conference a timer appears at the top as a hint.

Illustration of the upper part of the user interface with timer
Timer shows remaining time

If you want to leave the room select "Leave meeting".

Option menue with leave meeting highlighted

If you want to end the conference for all users before it is over, you as moderator can click on the options button with the 3 dots in the upper right corner and select "End meeting".

Option menue with end meeting highlighted

You will then asked if you are sure to end the meeting for all users.

Illustration of the warning dialog for end meeting

Confirm with "Yes" to end the meeting. 

Illustration of the hint dialog for ended meeting

A dialog that appears now informs you which person has finished the conference. After clicking the OK button, you will be forwarded to the TU Dresden homepage.