Zoom Meeting

The assignment of personal licenses for employees of the TU Dresden is effected in the divisions, usually by the responsible IT Advisor. Please report and justify your need to them, as there is only a limited contingent. If the decision is positive, the IT Advisor will set up your Zoom account.

In this case, you will then receive an e-mail from the Service Desk and one directly from Zoom (email address: with an invitation to activate your account. Please click on "Activate Zoom account" in the latter. From there, select "Log in with password." You will be asked to enter your first and last name and set your Zoom password. Please use a password that is not the same as your ZIH password. 

If you no longer need the Zoom license, please contact the responsible persons in your area to release the license.

Zoom Add-ons

Zoom Large Meetings allows meetings with up to 1000 attendees. Zoom Webinar allows you to hold web seminars that allow better management of attendees with the same capacity. For a comparison between the two types, see the help article.

Add-ons for online sessions with more than 300 participants are limited. Therefore, in justified cases, they will be assigned centrally by the Service Desk upon request. Please specify the desired period of use in your request and put your IT officer in CC.

Account already exists

It is not possible to create two accounts with the same email address. If you already have a Zoom account with your primary TUD email address, you will receive a different invitation email from Zoom. In this, click "Approve the request." Then, on the web page that opens, click "I confirm and would like to switch" to be added to the TU Dresden account. Note that certain functionality within the TUD account is not available for privacy reasons.

Zoom will now perform a transfer, which may take some time. Upon completion, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Zoom. In your Zoom profile, you will then see "Licensed" as the license type. Your previous access data for Zoom will remain valid.

If the transfer is not completed quickly enough and you urgently need the license, you can have your free Zoom account deleted while losing your previous settings and meetings. Please then report back to the Service Desk so that your account can be created directly in the TU Dresden framework agreement.

If you are using a paid Zoom product, please contact Zoom Support for billing questions and cancellation. TU Dresden cannot give you any information about this.