Organizers can log in to the Zoom website or applications using their primary email address as stated in the Self Service Portal and the password you assigned yourself, but not using the ZIH login. After successfully logging in, you will then land on the Zoom profile website. You can view your previous and upcoming meetings as well as create new ones via the Meetings option.

Note: Login via SSO, Apple, facebook or Google is not possible.

Login not possible

Invitation expired

The invitation you receive from Zoom after your account has been set up by TU Dresden expires after 30 days. If you clicked on the activation link but did not complete the setup, your Zoom account is usually already active. You can then use the feature mentioned below to create your own password.

If you are unable to log in and have already set up or used your Zoom account within the TU Dresden framework agreement, you can use Zoom's forgot password feature to create a new password for your account.

Third-party login

If you were already registered with Zoom and logged in with your Apple ID, facebook oder Google account, this is no longer possible within the TU Dresden Zoom account membership for privacy reasons. You can change the login method to email address and password by following the instructions in the Zoom help article linked here.