Join a BigBlueButton conference

You will receive a link from the organizers of a conference to join, including details on when to start. Call up the link in your browser. If the conference has not yet started or an access restriction has been set, you will not be able to join directly and may have to wait until entry. Also, once the maximum number of people in the conference is reached, you will not be able to join.

Depending on the portal the organizers used to create the conference, joining differs slightly. You can recognize the type of portal by the access link:

BigBlueButton Portal Self Service Portal

BigBlueButton Portal

Call up the access link in your browser. You will be prompted to enter a name. If you are logged in to the BigBlueButton Portal, your name will automatically be taken from your profile. If necessary, log out if you want to enter a different name.

Joining page with request to enter the name

Then click on the Join button. If the conference has already started, you can join directly.

If the conference has not yet started, you will receive a message and be added to the wait list. Once the conference starts, you will be joined  automatically. If you want to leave the wait list, simply by leaving the page.

Joining: Note on not started conference


Self Service Portal

The conference is created five minutes before the start time. In case the conference has not started or is over, you will receive a corresponding message and will not be able to join.

If you use an access link for members of the TU Dresden, you will enter the conference directly, provided that you are already logged in with your ZIH login. Otherwise, the login website will appear, where you can log in with your ZIH login and then be forwarded to the conference.

Login screen for ZIH login
ZIH login screen

If you have received an access link for external participants, enter your name and accept the terms of use. After confirmation, you will now be forwarded to the conference.

Registration screen for external participants
Login screen for external users

Waiting room

If the waiting room is activated, you will receive the message "Please wait for a moderator to approve you joining the meeting." by default, unless the organizers have set another.

Waiting room with default message
Waiting room with default message