Manage conferences in the Self Service Portal


You can reach the booking of BigBlueButton conferences via the Self Service Portal. Log in there with your ZIH login and password. HTW employees reach the booking portal here and log in with their university login.

Login screen for ZIH login
ZIH login screen

Book a conference

Conferences can be booked for up to 100 people immediately, for a free period of time or for predefined double hours. By default, 10 seats are provided in addition to the registered number of participants.

Booking form with free time selection
Booking form with free time selection

After calling up the booking page, you will find the form for booking a free period. First, enter the following information in the upper section (1) in the sections "Event" and "Contact Person":

In the lower area "Specify the booking time", select the desired method by clicking the respective radio button. (2)

The free time selection is preset. Click in the start field (3). A date and time selection window then appears.

Date time window
Time selection

In the left area you can select the date and in the right area the time. If you have set the start time, the end time will automatically be set one hour later. For an adjustment, click on the end field (4) and repeat the process.

Double hour selection
Double hour selection

After selecting the double hour grid option, first select the appropriate calendar week. To do this, click in the week text field or on the button next to it with the calendar symbol (5). In the popup that opens, click on any day of the desired week so that the selection is highlighted in blue and applied. Click outside the popup to close it again.

Below you will find a table in which each column represents a weekday and each row represents a double hour. You select a slot via the respective checkbutton in the cell. Each cell shows as first value the maximum possible number of participants for your conference. Next to it, the second value indicates the total available free slots across all conferences. If you select two slots in a row on the same day, a booking will be generated for a continuous conference without interruption and with the same access data.

Immediate booking
Immediate booking

For immediate booking, first select the option of the same name and then set the desired time unit (7). Then enter the value for the desired minutes or hours in the "Duration" text field (6).

Once you have made all the entries, click on "send Application" (8). After creating the booking, you will automatically be redirected to the overview page.

If you are unable to make a booking due to a lack of capacity, try to make the booking with one participant and then notify the Service Desk of the booking number and desired room size so that a conference of the desired size can still be made available if necessary. We will make every effort to accommodate your request, but cannot guarantee provision.

Display of the access links in the booking overview
Display of the access links in the booking overview

After booking a scheduled conference, you will receive an e-mail with the access links for moderators and participants with or without ZIH login (free choice of names). You can view these links at any time in your booking overview in the Self Service Portal. To do so, click on the button "Show links" (9) in the right column with the actions in the row of the booking. A popup with the access links will then appear.

Edit a booking

You can view your bookings in your overview in the Self Service Portal. There you will find the booking number, the set number of people and the start and end time of the conference.

Booking overview
Booking overview

In the right column, select the "Edit" action (10) via the button of the same name. In the pop-up window that opens, you can adjust the title, number of participants, and start and end time. To change, click in the respective text field and enter the appropriate value or select the desired date and time in the time selection dialog.

Edit window

To discard the changes click the "Abbrechen" button or the x icon in the upper right corner. To apply the changes, click the "Buchung editieren" button at the bottom left. Once the change is made, you will see a green confirmation message "Ihre Buchung wurde bearbeitet!" on the page.

Cancel a booking

If a video conference is no longer needed, you can release the resources for other users. To do this, call up the booking overview in the Self Service Portal and select the "Cancel" action.

Cancel booking

You can cancel the action by clicking the button "Abbrechen" or by selecting the x icon at the top right. To confirm the action, click the "Buchung stornieren" button at the bottom. After accepting the cancellation, the booking overview will show you a green highlighted confirmation message "The booking was cancelled.

Add moderators

In order for other users with ZIH login to join the conference directly as moderators, they need the appropriate access link. Please distribute this link to your co-moderators, as they will not receive it via the booking system.

External participants without a university login can join via the appropriate access link. You can only promote them to moderators in the conference.

Invite participants

You can restrict the access to members of the TU Dresden by distributing only the link for participants with ZIH login. In this way you can also ensure that the names of the participants are correctly adopted in the conference.

If you also want to allow external participants access, distribute the access link for participants without university login accordingly. The users entering in this way select their name themselves before joining the conference.

Start a conference

Conferences booked via the Self Service Portal are automatically started 5 minutes before they begin and can be joined from then on. Empty conferences that no one has joined are automatically ended after 30 minutes.