Settings cannot be changed

When you change the options in GoToMeeting settings, they cannot be saved. The save button is disabled.

In this case, assign an "Organizer PIN" at the very top of the page. Afterwards, changed settings can be saved.

Meeting ID deleted

Once all organizers have left a "One-time meeting", also called an ad-hoc meeting, you will not be able to re-enter it. This type of room is automatically deleted when you leave.

If you want to use the same access data for your meetings again and again, you can create permanent rooms in GoToMeeting by selecting the option "Online meeting room". As long as you do not explicitly delete these meeting rooms in your room management, the access link and the meeting ID remain valid and the meeting can be started by the organizer at any time.

Cloud recording not available

Cloud recording is not available for TU GoToMeeting licenses users because of privacy reasons. Local recordings cann still be created with the GoToMeeting desktop clients. You can also use external tools to make local recordings. ZiLL has recommendations for this.